Writing Successful Cambridge and Oxford University Personal Statement

The Oxbridge Applications: What You Need to Know?

Getting admission into the Cambridge and Oxford Universities is the biggest dream come true for almost every student. This opportunity is quite difficult to avail and there are plenty of steps to turn this dream into reality. The Oxford University personal statement plays a vital role to brighten up the chances of selection. Any personal statement writer needs to know the significance as well as important elements of writing a PS. In the admission applications for both of these universities, you need to follow the actual and latest format. Otherwise, there will be least possibilities to make the way to any of these institutions. Studying in the both of these varsities is definitely not simpler. You simply have to meet all the requirements for admission.

The Fascinating Facts of Oxbridge

As a not-so-familiar individual of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, you will feel amazed by knowing some unbelievable facts about both institutions. From the extracurricular achievements to the other aspects, much fact-based info can be enough to let you know more about these universities. Make sure that these facts can help you out in getting the feasible knowledge about Oxbridge:

  • According to the records of the year 2016, the Oxford University is highly competitive that received more than 19,000 applications for the 3,200 places.
  • Do you know that the space of Cambridge University was used to provide fresh water to the visitors from the year 1610 to 1614?
  • The Oxford University is based on almost 23,000 students.

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Why Does the Oxford University Personal Statement Necessary?

The Oxbridge personal statement examples can easily show you the significance of writing an admission application. The thing that makes PS quite necessary is the way of convincing the admission committee which is not possible through any other way. The Cambridge and Oxford personal statement writing process makes it quite hard to execute the final application within a day. It requires several days to be completed in the appropriate manner. The essay for Oxbridge to assure admission in any of the two universities is based on different elements. For instance, the reasons to make your selection and other things to impress the admission committee can only be included in the PS. It is a challenging process though.

Things That Differentiate Cambridge and Oxford Universities

Cambridge and Oxford are two big names that we mostly remember by thinking of a university rather than the actual destinations. From the subject motivation to Oxbridge essays, there are so many things that distinguish both universities from each other:

  • The Cambridge is quieter and smaller. However, you’ll find Oxford livelier and bigger.
  • The subjects offered by both universities are different with no doubt.
  • You’ll find the Oxford University more conventional as compared to the Cambridge.
  • There is a slight difference of climate in the geographic regions of both universities. But the average temperature of both places is quite identical. The only difference is of the rainfall on both places.

How You Can Write a Brilliant Oxford Personal Statement?

Writing personal statement is quite simple if you follow all the major elements to complete this task. Make sure that you follow the right example and format for this purpose. Here are some important steps that will help you out in writing an exceptionally ideal personal statement:

  • Start by introducing yourself in a concise but impressive way. You are supposed to write the self-intro in a professional style.
  • The body of your essay Cambridge or Oxford must be based on personal qualifications and achievements.
  • In the end, the conclusion of your PS must show justified reasons for your selection. It is as simple as you’ve read.

What Are the Expert Pieces of Advice about Oxbridge Essays?

The experts always suggest that you should go for Oxford or Cambridge essay writing service rather than doing any experiments with your admission application. As an applicant, you only need to pay attention to all best tricks that can impress the selectors. Remember that hundreds of thousands of the applications are received by the Oxbridge. So, it is fully upon you to make your personal statement stand out in the crowd.

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